Elena Brebner



Wings of Nature - by Elena Brebner

Take a plume of softest grey
That floats to earth in the dawn of the day,
A blade of cloud, an airy frond,
Spun from mists in the blue beyond.
Wear it sacred to your art,
In your hair and in your heart.

Take an antler, a tree of bone,
Crown of a beast that roamed alone.
Wind it about with golden wire,
Pluck the strands to play the lyre.

Behold a beetle's bending claw,
Powerful pincer sharp and sure,
Rich and deep and burnished bright,
Dare to feel the beetle's bite.

Take from the beach a shining shell
And listen the secrets it has to tell;
Hear it murmur of mysteries that haunt the waves,
Sing of the shadows that sleep in caves.

Pluck the seeds from Autumn trees,
Chestnuts, acorns, sycamore keys;
Plant them in a fallow field,
Reap the riches that they yield.

Cast a line and catch a fish,
Throw him back and make a wish:
O living jewel, reveal to me
The hidden glories of the sea.

Catch the curve of the crescent moon
Reflected in a silver spoon.
Breathe the scent of the pinnacled pine
That aspires to the heavens and the stars that shine.

Find delicate blooms of orchids rare
Enticing you their pollen to bear.
Become a bee and drink their wine.
Become the perfume of the pine.

The dreaming earth puts forth such things;
It laughs in streams, in wind it sings,
Rejoice in all that Nature brings,
Take up her wand and wear her wings.