How happily Flutina sings

Her haunting, airy song,

As her halyards clank & her mizzen rings

Whenever the winds are strong.

Is this whence her beautiful name was born?

Did those who made her know

That Flutina’s music would fill the dawn

When the morning breezes blow?

They say that wooden boats have souls

And many a myth and rhyme

Have woven about their sails and hulls

From the fathoms of human time;

Since Man first voyaged to distant shores

And conquered all the Earth

He mastered maps and cosmic laws

And circumscribed her girth.

Now the seas with poison spew,

The Earth is mortal sick;

Her heart is failing, her hopes are few,

Bled to the fainting quick.

Her breath is choked with miasmas vile,

Her gasping children die

Contagion spreads from isle to isle.

I sorrow, I grieve, I cry;

What can a helpless infant do –

So infinitesimal, I?

I search, I strive for vision true

To heal an inner sky……

And thus I fight

To serve the Light

Whether I live or die

With my dearest companion, side by side;

A Platonical love have we;

Together we ride on the tumbling tide

And dance on the galloping sea.

And we laugh and we weep at life’s bittersweet

Held warm in our womb of wood,

Where Sorrow and Joy in mystery meet

In the breath of our bones and blood.

Elena Brebner, 30/6/19

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